You’ve decided to see what we can do for you and you’ve scheduled your free accounting assessment. What happens next?

We will immediately set up a second call or video meeting, about 7 days from your initial contact.

If you have QuickBooks Online, please invite our firm as an accountant user. If you do not have QuickBooks Online, please let us know during our first call.

We will need to download transactions from your bank. Please set us up as a guest user / accountant user. This DOES NOT allow us to do anything but look at your records.

We will then review your bank accounts over a 7-30 day period and see how your transactions are handled in QuickBooks. We are also looking for anything in the records that will alert us to the need for an outside accounting service. We will not correct any issues at this time, but will discuss them with you over our next call.

If you decide not to continue the service, you may then revoke access.