Hey there,

The one thing I can’t get away from on news sites and the media is the coronavirus. What are we doing to keep you safe?

We are not changing a thing.

Whaaaa???? What kind of irresponsible business owner says that?

This one. Bear with me.

Our work is already done remotely. I’ve set the business up that way. My employees and contractors are welcome to work from home, and I encourage them to stay home if they’re ill. Just let me know, so I can cover the workload.

We already set up software to allow us to do virtual meetings. We can meet face to face without ever meeting in person. We can even share screens and record meetings, so that we have the information at our fingertips later.

Taxes are done remotely via video call. We’ll send you a PDF document with the information we need, set up an appointment, and then review some of the questions with you. Afterward, we’ll have you sign your return digitally and file electronically.

To be honest, I’ve believed that remote work, telework, and home offices were going to be the wave of the future, but not for the reasons we are experiencing today. These options were always about convenience. Why spend hours commuting when I can walk across the hallway and access the same information, programs, and data I would have from an office? Granted, I’ve worked remotely since 2005, and my kids have grown up knowing Mom works at home. That’s going to make a difference. And sometimes offices create a camaraderie that can’t be matched when isolated in a home office. Businesses lose foot traffic, too. So I’ve seen a future where only certain staff members commute to the office, and those that don’t need to, don’t, at least not every day.

What would the air quality be like if office workers commuted one day a week? Or only a few employees were in an office while the rest worked remotely?

When all this is over, I firmly believe remote working and a work from home option will remain. And because I set my business up for work from home, I have no need to change the way I do business.

The only difference will be that face to face meetings will happen over Zoom. But that saves you time and money anyway.

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