Did you know that outsourcing your bookkeeping can save you thousands of dollars a month, not including savings on taxes?

Many business owners try to have the office manager or receptionist run the books. There’s a ton involved in being an office manager, and in being a receptionist. I know, I’ve held both positions! Your best office managers are outstanding at managing the many people in your office. They are typically not qualified to be the bookkeeper as well.

There’s a lot of work involved in being the bookkeeper.

The catch is, when you have an office manager, with little or no training in bookkeeping or accounting, running the books, there will be potentially costly mistakes made.

How much does it cost you to pay your accountant to fix these simple errors? Hint: Not only do the accountants have to fix them, they have to find them and fix any other errors that were made as well. Do you really want to pay top dollar for your accountant’s time, when you can hire an outstanding bookkeeper to make sure your books are up to date? Wouldn’t that money be better spent growing your business?

And what about your financial reports? Do you know what they are telling you? A great bookkeeper can read your reports, explain to you what they mean, see if your accounts payable or receivable are getting out of hand, make sure receivables are collected, reconcile the bank monthly, and provide you the information you need to make informed business decisions.

Back when computer science was new, there was a saying about programming: “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” That pertains to your bookkeeping as well. Your financial reports are only as good as the data that goes into them.

You can’t get your taxes filed without current, accurate books. Both your profit and loss and balance sheet need to be complete and accurate to get your taxes done accurately. If not, then not only do you need to pay an accountant to fix them, you may also be liable for late fees, penalties, and interest from the IRS.

At Bookkeeping Made Simple, we hire only the best. Our bookkeepers have solid backgrounds in accounting, and are able to provide the robust, consistent accounting necessary to for small business owners. We set our qualified clients up with a weekly bookkeeping plan, and provide solid, consistent results every single time.

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